Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mom's Surprise Party

We got her good! She was totally freaked out (see picture for proof). Since Mom & Dad were moving to New Mexico on my Mom's birthday, we all surprised her on the Sunday before.

It was fun to have everyone (well almost everyone anyway) together one last time before they moved.

Cade, Mom & Kristen

Ashton & Evan

Most of the crew


Aunt Julie & Payton

The cake

Evan & Delaney

Dad & Evan

Mom & her cake

Clint and me

The consistently horribly rendition of "Happy Birthday"

Waiting for cake!

The grandkids

My boys


The girls - well some of them anyway

The Colorado siblings - Me, Evan, Kristen & Ian

Girl's Night

At least once a month, I go out with my girlfriends for GNO. We have so much fun together! I love my girls. There are the same 6-7 girls (7 when Sarah is back in town) that pretty much go every month. Occasionally, we have a few other girls pop in to join us for a night out. On this particular night, we decided to "chill" and eat at Mimi's.

Renee & Sarah with their "sexy" pose...

Sarah, Steffanie, Jackie, & Brooke

Me and Kristine - clearly enjoying herself!

Renee & Michelle - I adore these girls

Steffanie, Jackie, Brooke

Amber, me and Kristine


Brooke & Amber Sarah & Michelle

New Camera!

I probably shouldn't have, but I knew that the end of the school year assemblies were coming up and the pictures I took in the auditorium with my old camera never turned out, so I used a 0% financing option and bought a new camera! I LOVE it. Seriously. These are the very first pictures I took with it, even before I knew how to focus it or anything. I'm sure I haven't even scratched the scratch, but at least I can get pictures to turn out even when in doors!

Laney Behind the Camera

Clint always complains at me that I never post any pictures of myself. Well part of the problem is that I'm always BEHIND the camera (pun not intended...see below). On this particular morning, Delaney kept bugging me to take some pictures, so here they are. I "helped" her on one of them. I bet you can't tell which one...

Treasure Island

After finishing the book "Treasure Island" Cole's class put on a play of the story. It was really cute. Cole got to be one of the townspeople. I think his favorite part of the costume was the "beard" - it's kind of hard to see in these pictures, but it was pretty funny!


Because she is such an amazing older sister, Payton loves to spoil Laney and give her "make-overs" and paint her nails. These are a few shots I snapped after one of the make-overs. What beautiful, sweet girls I have!

I Love Chocolate...

...and Laney's style!

Laney's Love Affair with the Computer

This is how Laney spends the majority of her mornings when the kids are in school. She loves to play on and It is still so funny to me to see her looking so grown up navigating the computer like a pro.


The kids were quite thrilled with what the Easter Bunny brought them this year. Laney got a doll, a Disney movie, and a Disney Princess doll. Corbin & Cade both got Mighty Beans and movies. Cole got the new Percy Jackson book and Payton got her teen magazines she loves. Then they got to hunt for what seemed like hundreds of eggs. All in the all, I'd say the Easter Bunny hit a homerun this year!