Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Weekend

We had a very busy Easter weekend. My kids get Easter break (yes this is separate from Spring break) and got a 6 day weekend. We began by hosting a surprise luau/birthday party for our friend Abe on Friday night. We helped Amber (his wife) keep it a surprise by having it at our house. Everyone had a great time karaoking and playing Catch Phrase...oh and eating of course!

Then on Saturday morning, we bundled up and headed to Windsor for an Easter Egg hunt. They blew the whistle at 10 am and the hunt was over in less than 30 seconds (literally). I honestly didn't even have a chance to get my camera out! Then Clint & I dropped the kids back off at the house and went to run errands.

Saturday afternoon was Cade's baptism. I'll post about that in another post.

After the baptism, we headed back to our house for a barbecue. It was a baptism/gratitude barbecue. We invited everyone that helped us move (out of the old house and into the new house). That too was very fun! It was nice to see our friends from the old ward again, and get to know our new friends a little better.

The boys woke up Sunday morning to find themselves "barricaded" downstairs. The Easter bunny is a very wise person, as he/she knew the boys would be awake well before anyone else in the household and, to be fair, needed to stay downstairs instead of looking around for the hidden eggs.

Luckily, they weren't tortured for too long, as we got the girls up at 8. The kids first went to their baskets where they found candy and movie tickets taped to 3-D glasses. Unfortunately, I turned camera duty over to Clint and he got caught up in the hunt, so we didn't get very many stills shot.

The hunt begins. Laney got a 5 minute head start. Even though there were LOTS of eggs hidden on the floor, Laney still went to great heights to get hers!

Then Corbin got his turn to start.

After Corbin, Cade got a 2 minute jump before we let the hounds loose (read: Cole, Payton, Dallen & Chase). They actually found most of the eggs on their own, but Clint and I did have to help them find some of the more camouflaged eggs. They each got to find 25 eggs (yes the Easter bunny spoils my kids). The eggs were filled with even more treasures, so I'd say they made off pretty well!

On Monday, I took the kids to the movie. We saw Monsters vs. Aliens in 3-D. It was a really cute, funny movie we all enjoyed!

Here is some video of the hunt, check out Corbin's snatching skills ...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Toddler Speak

It always cracks me up to listen to little people talk. Delaney is non-stop from the moment she wakes up until she is actually asleep. Because I have so much practice listening to her, I usually can understand most everything she says. Today, she told me she wanted to watch a movie and when I asked which one, I could not understand what she was saying. Finally, I got it, but had to get it on video.

About a year ago, her favorite movie was Willow (yes the same one with Val Kilmer). The way she said it always mad us laugh and I could just kick myself for not getting it video recorded!

Since we were already in her bedroom, I decided to get a shot of the entire princess room since I haven't posted any pictures of it. We will probably paint the room eventually, but here is what it will look like for a while at least.

Let's see if you can figure out which movie she was referring to!